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Aftercare of your recent treatment is very important in keeping you looking great. Take a look at our aftercare tips for each type of treatment below.

If you have any aftercare queries, please contact our team who will be happy to help.
Nail Enhancements
LashUs Lash Lift
HD Brows

Hello New Nails!

If you have had length added to your nails, you may need to adapt the way you do everyday things – for example, using your knuckle press switches & buttons. It is also worth bearing in mind that if your new nails are longer than before, you may not be able to press things with the end of your finger; it will be your new enhanced nail that comes into contact first!

If you do have an accident and crack or break one or more of your enhancements, give us a call and we can book you in for a repair if needed.

Wear gloves when washing up to avoid exposing the nails to long periods of time in water.

Avoid prolonged exposure to water (hot tubs for example) as the natural nail will soften and may pull away from the gel overlay.

Wear gloves for any chores that involve using your hands. Treat you nails like jewels, not tools!

A rebalance is recommended every 2-3 weeks to protect the health of your natural nail and maintain the longevity of the service. A regular maintenance schedule with re-establish proper balance and beauty of the nail. Spreading your appointments too far apart may result in service breakdown leading to breakages and chipping.

If you experience any problems while wearing your enhancements, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible and we will do our upmost to resolve any issues you may have.

If you remove your nail/s yourself before we have chance to see them, there is unfortunately nothing that we can do in that situation.

Please note, all repairs will occur a charge after 48hrs.

LashUs Lash Lift

Get Ready for Lift Off! Pre Treatment Advice:

To ensure you get the best from you LashUs treatment, please ensure you:

Inform your therapist if you have any medical changes and/or are pregnant.

Avoid serums, waterproof mascaras and any oily products around the eye area 24 hrs before your appointment.

Do not wear mascara on the day or for 24 hrs before your appointment.

Remove contact lenses before your treatment.

Check you sensitivity test is OK, if applicable notify your therapist immediately if there are any signs of irritation or redness.


Up, up and away! Aftercare Advice:

To ensure you get the best results from your LashUs treatment we recommend to:

Keep your eyes completely dry for 24 hours

After 24 hours we recommend you use Lash & Brow Elixir daily to help promote lash health and growth.

Avoid contact with steam for 48 hours

Do not rub or disturb the eyelashes for 48 hours, gently comb upwards to ensure position is maintained.

HD Brows

To maintain the best results from your tinting service we recommend adhering to the following advice:

Avoid the use of astringent cleansers, micellar water, facial wipes around the brow or lashes as this may fade the tint quicker.

Minimise sun exposure to prolong the results of the tint.

Avoid the use of tanning products over tinted brows as this may affect the colour of the brow.

We recommend using the HD Brows Tint Lock Serum to coat the brow hairs with a film which will prolong the results of the tint to reduce rapid fading.

Whilst we do everything we can to avoid it, it is normal to experience a little bit of staining on the skin immediately after treatment. We will do our best to remove any stain however it will fade within 24 hours as you wash your face.

Leave a minimum of 3-4 weeks before tinting the brows/lashes again.

HD BrowSculpt

To maintain the best results from your HD BrowSculpt service we recommend adhering to the following advice:

Avoid getting the brows wet for the first 24hrs after treatment. This allows the brow hairs to settle into their new position.

Avoid the use of astringent cleansers, micellar water, facial wipes around the brow.

Leave a minimum of 8 weeks before your next BrowSculpt service to avoid over processing the brow hairs. In between BrowSculpt appointments you may want to book a HD Brow appointment to keep the brows in shape and maintain the colour.

Avoid the use of tanning products over tinted brows as this may affect the colour of the brow.

It is essential to use the HD Brows Tint Lock Serum to nourish the brow hairs and prolong the results of the tint.

The brows will not remain in the same lifted position as they appear at the end of the service. You will need to style the brow by brushing them and if you want to achieve the strong brushed up brow look you may want to apply HD Brow Glue to set hairs in place all day.

How to Get the Best from Your CND Shellac Manicure

We know you will absolutely LOVE your nails whilst you are wearing CND Shellac and we expect your nails to last for at least 14 days if you give them a little care and attention during that time. CND Shellac are not indestructible and should be treated as if you were wearing nail polish.

Around the House

Shellac is pretty tough with normal wear and tear but needs a little added protection when doing tough jobs like household cleaning and gardening, hobbies that are rough on your hands or using harsh chemical products. We advise wearing gloves at this time as without the added protection, these jobs can mar your Shellac service.

Getting Used to Your CND Shellac Manicure

If you do happen to cause some damage to your CND Shellac coating and see any of the following signs, we hope you find the below advice useful:

If lifting or peeling is noticed, please do NOT pick or pull at the area, as this will cause the lifting to increase and could even damage your natural nail. Please contact the salon so we can assess the nail and decide if a repair is necessary. Please note that repairs may be chargeable.

If you are on holiday please be careful when using sun tan oils or insect repellents as many of these products contain DEET which will cause major damage to the Shellac colour coat.

Some of the CND Shellac colours can fade somewhat if you are in chlorinated water followed by excessive sun (remember that chlorine is a bleach and sun intensifies the bleaching action). Dry your hands and nails after swimming and before sunbathing to minimize any colour fading.

What Products Should I use on my CND Shellac?

Condition your nails daily with Solar Oil. Also beneficial is the use of any CND hand and body lotion daily – we recommend Almond Hydrating Lotion as it also contains Solar Oil and CND Cuticle Eraser.

Regularly using CND Aftercare products will substantially prolong the life of your Shellac manicure and keep you natural nails and the skin surrounding them healthy, moisturised and flexible.

Let Yourself Be Pampered

If you wish to temporarily change the colour of your nails whilst wearing Shellac, you can use nail enamel over the Shellac but please be sure to use Acetone Free Remover when removing the nail polish.

Relative to you lifestyle and activity level, your Shellac will need fortnightly or three weekly maintenance as there will be obvious re-growth. At this point we can either Re-Shellac your nails (remove existing Shellac and applying a fresh new colour) or remove the Shellac completely which takes a brief 10 minutes.

If you do decide you want to remove your Shellac, please call us and let us do it safely for you in the salon. Incorrect removal at home may damage the surface of your nails. We will be able to remove you Shellac using a professional remover and give you a mini-manicure so that your natural nails look perfect.

Your skin will be temporarily sensitive after your waxing treatment, therefore the following advice is important to reduce any risk of irritation and infection.

Additional heat should be avoided for 24 hours before & after waxing, examples include:

  • Hot showers/baths
  • Sun beds/sun exposure
  • Saunas and steam rooms
  • Tight, restrictive clothing
  • Excessive perspiration e.g. gym, running, exercise classes.

Applying any product i.e. tan, body butter, moisturisers, make-up and deodorants to the waxed area should also be avoided during these times.

For 24 hours after waxing please also avoid:

  • Touching or scratching the waxed area
  • Swimming/chlorinated water.

For best results after waxing we recommend

  • Using wax:one care to prevent ingrown hairs
  • Exfoliate the area 2-3 times per week
  • Use a moisturising product, daily, to keep skin smooth
  • Return in 4-6 weeks to maintain smooth results.

Important Note: If you experience persistent irritation or infection, you are advised to contact your GP for further advice.

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